Chrisean Rock is making waves on social media after she allegedly assaulted James Wright Chanel during Tamar Braxton‘s “Love & War Tour” at The Novo in Los Angeles.  

LeTroy Davis, a member of Tamar’s team, expressed his outrage on Instagram as he recounted the night’s unfortunate sequence of events. 

Despite extending an invitation to Chrisean Rock to support her fellow Baltimore native, Tamar, things took an unexpected turn.

LeTroy painted a vivid picture, describing Chrisean’s arrival as less than ideal – “drunk…with a thousand people smelling like weed…looking dumb!” 

However, the night took a chaotic turn when signals got crossed and Chrisean Rock got the impression she would be performing.

According to LeTroy, the misunderstanding reached its peak when Chrisean Rock stormed into Tamar’s dressing room with her entourage. 

Attempts to explain the mix-up fell on deaf ears, leading to a heated confrontation.

James Wright Chanel found himself at the receiving end of Chrisean Rock’s frustration. 

Despite assurances that the team was unaware of her performance expectations, Chrisean allegedly punched James in the face bloodying his nose and chipping his tooth.

James sought medical attention for his injuries and LeTroy Davis was quick to exclaim, “She’s going to prison!” 

The aftermath of the incident is now reverberating across social media platforms, leaving fans and followers shocked by the unexpected assault at Tamar Braxton’s tour.

Read X (formerly Twitter) reactions below.

James Wright Chanel has not commented on the alleged assault, but he did take to his Instagram account writing, “God is.”

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