In a candid revelation, Tamar Braxton has broken her silence about the alleged assault on James Wright Chanel by Chrisean Rock at her Friday night show.

The singer and reality TV star initially chose not to speak on the matter out of respect for James and his trauma but felt compelled to set the record straight.

Tamar confirmed that James was indeed assaulted at her show and explicitly named Chrisean Rock as the perpetrator.

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While acknowledging that events may have been misconstrued, Tamar expressed concern for her team, emphasizing their friendship and the collective effort put into the show for the fans.

Dispelling any notion of seeking clout, Tamar clarified that she deliberately chose not to have an opening act, anticipating her sister Toni Braxton’s appearance in the middle of the show.

Addressing Chrisean’s involvement, Tamar revealed that she did not invite her to perform and had not called her for an opening act.

Instead, she suggested a collaborative moment during the performance.

Tamar expressed regret for the situation and apologized to her team, emphasizing that she did not foresee the turn of events.

She also extended thanks to Chrisean Rock for attending the show, a statement met with surprise given the alleged assault on her friend and backup singer, James Wright Chanel.

Watch Tamar’s full statement below.

Amidst the fallout, Chrisean Rock deactivated her social media accounts, claiming a false narrative was circulating about the incident.

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As the situation unfolds, it becomes clear that Tamar Braxton, too, is entangled in the aftermath of the assault, having invited Chrisean to the show and suggested her performance.

She took to Twitter writing:

I’m tired y’all. I don’t know about this pt2 tour. We are all hurting and if I didn’t say anything I’m wrong. I said something & I’m lying. I’m tired. Meanwhile James is at the dentist getting new teeth. Y’all leave me alone. I was only trying to show CR love. I still think she needs hugs and real people.💔

A commenter responded:

So you waited until Chrisean deleted her social media to speak out? Seems like it’s a lot of b/s why was she there? Answer the question we all want to know, was she there to perform or not? Cause why would she be there y’all don’t vibe y’all don’t hang out it’s just weird😏

See the original tweets below.

Do you think Tamar Braxton is partially responsible for what transpired?