In a candid interview with Angie Martinez, Coi Leray opened up about the complexities of her relationship with her dad, Benzino

Coi Leray didn’t hold back as she shared her initial sentiments about her father’s reaction to her success. 

At first, it was rocky because I felt like he couldn’t handle my success,” she revealed. 

Acknowledging the human aspect of envy, Coi expressed understanding, highlighting that it’s a part of the journey.

According to Coi, her father, Benzino, sees himself as someone with an untold story. 

Her suspicions were confirmed when Benzino took to Instagram to address the rumors of jealousy. 

He dismissed the notion as “the most ridiculous s— I’ve heard in my entire life on this earth.”

Despite past successes, Benzino carries a chip on his shoulder, longing for the recognition he believes he deserves.

Benzino’s Instagram post shed light on his side of the story, expressing embarrassment and sadness over how Coi Leray portrays her parents. 

He also criticized Angie Martinez, accusing her of being manipulative and messy for broaching the topic of envy in her interview.

See Benzino’s posts below.

In spite of her parental drama, Coi Leray is now a Grammy-nominated artist! 

She received a Grammy nod for Best Pop Dance Recording for the collaboration with David Guetta and Anne-Marie on “Baby Don’t Hurt Me.” 

Coi Leray also received a Best Rap Performance Grammy nomination for her hit single, “Players.” 

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