In a recent social media share, gospel sensation Kirk Franklin revealed a heartwarming incident involving his driver that left him both amused and reflective.

As the pint-sized Gospel great was preparing to head back to his hotel, he encountered an unexpected act of kindness from his driver.

Approaching the SUV, Kirk learned that the thoughtful driver had placed a stepping stool to assist him in comfortably entering the vehicle.

In an Instagram clip, Kirk humorously recounted the moment, expressing his surprise and gratitude. “This driver says, ‘I got a stepping stool’…and he grinning!” Kirk exclaimed, pointing at the stool.

Jokingly admitting his struggle with composure, Kirk removed the step stool and attempted to enter the SUV, succeeding on his second try.

Displaying true humility, the “Kingdom” singer turned the amusing encounter into a lesson on social media.

In the post’s caption, Kirk Franklin shared a profound message, urging others to embrace humility.

He wrote, “Some of you can be so prideful that you don’t allow others to give you a step up when they see life has cut you short… humble yourself so you don’t slide out of the vehicles sent to take you to your next season. Oh, I feel a word right now! To go high sometimes you gotta get low. Jump up and Be Blessed😇.

Don’t miss Kirk’s original post for a dose of laughter and wisdom.

Humility, it seems, can come in unexpected moments. Check it out below!

Video via Instagram