Cristina Mackey gracefully confirms her split from Rick Ross after their “beautiful” and “amazing six-month run.”

The 27-year-old fitness influencer remains unfazed, stating, “I’ve never experienced ‘getting left.'”

Despite the breakup, sales thrive, highlighting her resilience.

While Mackey refrains from divulging specifics about the split, she emphasizes the positive aspects of their time together.

She asserts, “The situation was beautiful,” and expresses gratitude for the experience.

Cristina Mackey maintains her composure amidst any potential backlash, stating, “If others are upset… that’s their stress to bear.”

Acknowledging the clean break two weeks prior, Mackey affirms her authenticity, stating, “I never pretended to be the last.”

She embraces both positive and negative feedback with love, demonstrating her maturity and self-assurance.

Furthermore, Mackey makes it clear that she won’t engage in gossip about her past relationship on podcasts.

Despite the end of the romance, Cristina Mackey still has her new set of teeth.

At least there was a consolation prize after dating Rick Ross.

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