Dave Chappelle recently voiced his concerns over Katt Williams‘ remarks about fellow Black comics during a stand-up set at the Hollywood Improv.

The critique centered around Katt seemingly targeting only Black comedians, with Dave noting, “He didn’t say anything about any of these White boys. None of these White boys function like that.”

Dave acknowledged Katt’s artistic prowess, referring to him as “one of the best painters in the game.”

However, he questioned the choice to portray Black individuals in a negative light, asking, “So why are you drawing all ugly pictures of us?

In addressing the impact of hurtful words, Dave Chappelle noted the common saying, “hurt people…hurt people,” but emphasized that despite being a “hurt person,” he has never inflicted harm on others.

Reflecting on personal struggles, Dave shared, “If I told my story, it would break your heart! Your heart! If I told my story, it would break your heart. I lost everything and never ever told on anybody!”

During the set, DeRay Davis attempted to provide an alternative viewpoint on Katt’ remarks, but Dave remained steadfast in his stance.

While expressing his genuine connection with Katt, Dave questioned the ethics of actions that disrupt another person’s livelihood, stating, “But what part of the game f—s up another n— paper? What part of the game is about telling on another n—?

Dave Chappelle further referenced Tiffany Haddish, acknowledging her challenges and supporting Katt’s perspective on unveiling uncomfortable truths.

Despite acknowledging individual faults within the industry, he questioned the necessity of vocalizing them publicly, stating, “All of us are trying to be in a better situation.”

Watch the clip below of Dave Chappelle’s unfiltered commentary.

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