Well, this surely wasn’t on my 2024 Bingo Card! In a recent interview, Lil Scrappy claimed he slept with Amanda Seales.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was a guest on “The Goats and Underdogs Podcast” when he offered this unexpected shoutout:

Let me shout out somebody that I dated a long time ago that Bam just went and did an interview with and didn’t even know it – Amanda Seales.

Amanda Seales…she always stand up for the women. But, I wonder did she tell Bam she f— he ex-husband?!

Because she let a lot of stuff out.

She supports the women – I support Amanda I’m not going to even lie to you.

I support Amanda because she stands on a lot of facts that as Black people we gotta stand on.

I support Amanda, but I wonder when Amanda sitting there taking my ex-baby mama truth…did she tell?

Did she sit and converse with her and say, ‘Oh, I f— with him before?’ 

Watch the clip below.

You may recall that it was just four months ago when Bambi was a guest on Amanda’s “Small Doses Podcast” where she spilled tea on her divorce from Lil Scrappy. 

In case you missed it…

Amanda Seales has not publicly addressed Lil Scrappy’s claims, but I can’t help but now wonder if he was the rapper who violently yelled at her on the phone

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